Kolen Mackey

Torchia Associates (http://www.torchia.com)

This Client runs is a top notch Architecture & Interior Design Firm in Chicago. Established design-project and site maintenance relationship.

New Project Website Updates:
2004: Perkins Coie, LLC: TORCHIA.COM/PERKINS . 2005: Harrington College: TORCHIA.COM/HARRINGTON Burrell Communications: TORCHIA.COM/BURRELL Bovis Lend Lease: TORCHIA.COM/BOVIS The Chicago Community Trust: TORCHIA.COM/CCT Corn Products International: TORCHIA.COM/CORNPRODUCTS GE Medical Solutions:TORCHIA.COM/GEMEDICAL Power Rogers Smith:TORCHIA.COM/POWERROGERSSMITH Loyola University Water Tower:TORCHIA.COM/LOYOLAWATERTOWER XL America: TORCHIA.COM/XLAMERICA

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