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Harlequin Holidays (http://www.HarlequinHolidays.com)

Harlequin specialises in luxury, boutique and tailor-made holidays to the Caribbean, Mediterranean and North Africa. From family resorts in Portugal to romantic hideaway retreats in St Lucia or from luxury spa hotels in Barbados to boutique hotels in Santorini, Harlequin can create the perfect holiday.

We offer a wide range of hotels with Europe and the Caribbean, from well known popular hotels to small, unique hotels and lesser visited islands. The team at Harlequin have a passion for travel and excellent knowledge of the destinations featured by Harlequin. They continue to travel extensively, enabling them to offer up-to-date travel advice.

Harlequin are a specialist company who have been operating for over 28 years. It is part of Western & Oriental, a group of luxury specialist tour operators.

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